Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going for it!

I had a great walk today. The weather was warm, the music was good, and most importantly my coffee had kicked in. I started thinking about  my life here in the hills and wondered what is missing? What do I need. I need some excitement, some drama, a purpose, something to work towards; a project if you will.And then it hit me..............I enjoy working and helping out at the Arts Academy. I like planning something and watching it come to life. I like to be part of something, to feel like I belong.(don't we all want that?) So I have decided to try out for Guys and Dolls.It's a play the Arts Academy is putting on in the spring. Auditions are in December and I am going to be there. Am I scared? You bet! All the more reason to do it. I haven't been in a play since grade 7 and I haven't sang or danced in public since grade 8. I don't care what part I get. I will play a tree. I just want to start living and doing instead of just being.Is this a mistake and will I make a fool of myself? Quite possibly. But at least I'm going to try. I KNOW there will be fun in the trying. I've also decided that my best thoughts come from my walks. An hour to myself to think and process. So for that reason alone; I need to do more of it! Now if anyone out there has the movie "guys and dolls" and would like to lend it to me....that would be great. I really need to see what I am getting myself into! LOL


  1. whoo hoo!! I love that you are doing this my friend!!! xo

  2. YAY!!! My new philosophy....just say YES!!!!!! SO you go girl, you can do it!!! We saw the production in Sherwood Park and loved it:)
    I cannot wait to come see you, you will be a fetching tree!! ummm....or maybe a street sign??? lmao

  3. i will be the best darn street sign you have ever seen!

  4. Fantastic!!!! I will be there to watch you!!!!


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