Thursday, November 4, 2010

so many words, so little space

The more I think about my post ,about friendships, the more I feel.......ummmm.......a little unfulfilled. There was so much more that went into those thought processes but I could only get out so much.This has been stewing inside me for the past few years and one post is not going to say it all. I'm so glad I started blogging though. So many more people have opened up to me and I'm really starting to feel like this is my home. I think of the episode of SATC where Charlotte is dating again and she goes to this seminar with Carrie. When Charlotte gets up to ask a question; the lady tells her that "maybe she's not really putting herself out there!" Remember that one? anyway....that's what i have been thinking about lately. Maybe I was putting myself out there but....not REALLY opening my heart. Going through the motions. Guarded. I'm not anymore and it feels free and exciting. Ok that helps a little. I feel slowly but surely I'm explaining myself ! LOL


  1. I do the same. I am a horrible friend. No really. I am too busy for really high demand friendships so I avoid being vulnerable (which is necessary to deepen any relationship). And it seems that just when we master making friends in one stage of life (ie. married without children) then we have kids and have to learn all over again, what it means to form a friendship around running kids around, making supper or doing the laundry (which is what I should be doing right now.)
    In fact, just this morning, I was thinking that as much as some people hate facebook, I like it. It connects me with people, when I would otherwise be a lonely prisoner in my own home, as opposed to what I am now-a prisoner in my home but with facebook and a blog.

  2. I couldn't agree more. i was there was fb and blogging when my kids were little. that is when i felt the most isolated. Just try to say yes more and realize that not every acquaintance is going to become your new best friend. sometimes the friends we make are the ones to just get us through a period in our lives ....and then they are gone. no harm ,no foul! :)

  3. I WISH there was....not I was there was! LOL


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