Sunday, January 30, 2011

For my children

I know everyone has high hopes for their children. You always want the best for them. You want them to be everything they can be and more.I have struggled for quite a few years with myself as to what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I feel like there is more that I should be doing and I can never quite put my finger on it. Lately the focus has been...."I'm doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now ~ raising my children!" I see talents and wonderful traits in my children that can prove to be something really great. Benjamin is smart beyond his years. He always has been. He has been asking me questions for years about things that don't even enter my mind. His brain is always working and never shuts down.

Adam has an artist's mind. He is gifted with his music and you can tell he FEELS it. He is fascinated with technology and electronics. Even at such a young age he shows a tremendous amount of talent and knowledge in this area. You can tell that this is already his passion.
Olivia is an amazing little girl who is strong minded, adventurous, athletic, compassionate, witty, sensitive and smart. Really I know it sounds like I'm just pumping her up but she really is all these things. Her teachers will testify to that. She has an ability to BE with everyone of all ages and personalities. She doesn't judge and is always up for a new challenge. She really will try anything. She is a great communicator and I know this will serve her well in all her relationships. Not to mention that she is beautiful! :)

So....I can't stop thinking about what I need (should) do for them. I want to show them the world. I want to expose them to MORE of the world. I want to show them possibilities. I want to help them see what the world has to offer. Living in a small town has given them a great start to life but I feel there is more out there that I can show them. this has been on my mind as of late and I think I have found an option of how to obtain this. One of my biggest regrets about my childhood was that I never felt encouraged or pushed. I know I could have done some wonderful things. It's only now that I'm starting to realize that,THESE children ARE my "wonderful thing" I'm supposed to be doing. It's exciting! That's about all I can say about this for now. Plans are being talked about constantly and I'm so blessed to have a husband who supports me and feels the same way. We'll keep you posted..........................


  1. TEASE!!! great photos, esp the one of Olivia!!!

  2. Brad took the photo of Olivia! He's learning and enjoying practicing!


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