Monday, January 31, 2011

keeping warm

This makes me happy. Fresh flowers and candles lit all around the house. It's sooooo cold outside and I feel so lucky to have a warm house to retreat to. I always remember ice on the windows when I was growing up, standing ON the heating vents to get warm and running back under my covers even after I was dressed. My mom was always trying to save money wherever she could and I'm sure keeping the heating bill low, was a priority. Even to this day; it's cold in her house. I love to have my house nice and warm. I'm always in bare feet. I DO like to cozy up under a blanket but, only because I like to ~ not because I have to.
 I bought a new cookbook today and am going to make something out of it tomorrow. I've been lazy lately and haven't felt like cooking anything. I feel slightly inspired by my 3 days of exercising so....I'm going to find some new recipes to help me along my path.
I AM thinking of summer a lot lately though. I got an invitation to go on a 4 day kayaking trip in August. Unfortunately I will not be back from South Carolina yet, so I had to decline. Sound like such a good time though. I've always wanted to try kayaking. Anyway....that's about it for now. I need to go do some activity or else I'm just going to go to bed. I'm so exhausted. Later~


  1. inviting and beautiful photo:)

  2. Beautiful & inspiring. I miss kayaking it is due time to sign up, this summer.


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