Saturday, January 8, 2011

snowy day ramblings

So the conversation of late has been about blogs and what they should contain.I have a blog that I follow of a girl from the UK and she has been discussing the same thing. What the blog started out as, how it evolved and what it is today. I think the whole purpose of a blog is different for everyone ;but the one thing that remains the same is that it is YOUR blog. You are free to put in it whatever you want. If you want to rant about society, ask for advice,show off your cute kids, toot your own horn about your accomplishments, or even just tell us about the stuff you did that day ; then  GO RIGHT AHEAD!  I mean no one is forcing people to read your blog. If it doesn't interest you that day,then just click that little "x" at the top and shut it down. I am not hear to entertain you. I'm here to share, inspire, titillate,vent,whine,show off, and yes....I guess i was wrong....I am sometimes try to entertain. But that's not my main thing! Mostly it's to keep my sanity. there are some days when the only people I talk to all day are my children. I love them dearly but, sometimes I need  more. This gives me this outlet. so I don't mean to be rude but if you don't like what I write from time to time, just shut it down. I do not take offense that you are not reading all the time! REALLY!
so anyway....what I was doing today was organizing and cleaning my room. I got a new dresser (thank you Brad) and I spent the day re-arranging. LOVE it! This is the point where I will probably lose half of you.(especially the men) but I don't care. It's my blog and I can post what I want to, post what I want to. You would post too if it happened to you! LOL I crack me up. Anyway....back to the new dresser. Here it is.........

 and here is what I put in some of the drawers. It's so nice to have everything so organized. I guess that is what January is all about.
over the shoulder boulder holders

SO exciting! to me anyway...... I listened to music..(couple of songs playing here) and spent the day fussing about. Now I think I'll go make myself a bowl of popcorn and plop myself in front of the t.v. .......or maybe not! lol   Later~


  1. I love it!! And I totally agree with your thoughts on what people should write in their blogs. :)

  2. Sounds like your life sizzles and pops! Love the dresser. And I couldn't have said it better!

  3. ya, I am gonna have to "X" out of here now due to the bras and panties. I am having flash backs to laundry day and Gilmour Girls and undergarments being thrown at me. Is that truly the purpose of the blog...flinging bra panic attacks?? really??? I thought you were my friend. LOL
    p.s nice drawers.
    p.p.s. nice stuff.

  4. It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to...
    I feel the same way. You go girl.

  5. hahahah Bobbi! i knew you would enjoy this one! Your cover is blown! You LOVE my panties!

  6. I don't know about everyone else, but I find your blogs definately titillating...
    ps...LOVE your drawers!! Brad should teach a course on "How to Husband". Might be something to look into for the Arts Academy to put on their list o' lessons....

  7. First off I have to say love the song reference...and, though you may not believe it, I was singing that song at the age of 3 and lovin thanks!

    Also, I agree that if you don't want to read a blog then don' one is forcing you...

    And...WOW...Nice dresser...and...HOLY EARINGS BATMAN!!! I mean...nope...that's what I meant...HOLY EARINGS BATMAN!!!!


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