Sunday, February 6, 2011

one day off and one day on

I took yesterday off. Not on purpose really.I thought about the elliptical a couple of times but just said in my head "later"! The next thing I knew; the whole day had passed me by. I did however get back on today. I went a little farther and a little longer! It's all good.
My house smells of home-made soup. My husband is making his Oma's  recipe for meatball soup and it smells heavenly! After supper we will of course be having the in-laws over for cake. It's my oldest's birthday today and he is 12. I wonder sometimes where the years have gone. How cliche. I'm sure all parents think that. LOL But seriously ....all  his elementary years are gone. He'll be in junior high in the fall. THAT seems really fast. I have enjoyed his company throughout the years, his questions, his witty comments and his quirky take on things. He's always ready to give me a hug and says 'I love you ' freely!  I love you Benjamin! I hope you have a really great year!

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