Friday, June 3, 2011

technology at its best?????

So did you read the article??? Before we even get started, let me just say that I LOVE my iPhone! I love twitter and facebook and I have no plans of giving them up anytime soon. OK

Now......with that out of the way, let's consider how intrusive this technology has become in our lives. For some people it has become an addiction. Just like gambling. Either sitting at their computers for hours on end, or having that precious phone glued to their palm (or very close by) at all times. I know some people who don't even shut it off when they go to bed! Constant contact with the cyber world to explain your every move, feeling, whim, thought or idea; feels comforting to some. And so they continue to do it more and more. Others are forced because of their job to always be "ON". When coverage is lost they are genuinely relieved, while others are completely annoyed! I like the one comment in the article that said "I was not impressed!"(when coverage was lost) It was said like it was their right to have internet access at all times. It made me chuckle a little and also feel sad at the same time. So many pros and cons. I had a few friends at the concert and it was neat to see pictures of them and how they were doing before the concert started. I knew they were there RIGHT NOW! BUT.....I often wonder how focused we are on what is happening around us when we are always thinking about when we are going to update or status or "tweet" about what's happening. It's becoming increasingly hard to be in the moment. I've read status lines like "my best friend is here and we are having such a great time" or "my mom is visiting for a short time, but I'm enjoying it while she's here!" Are you REALLY? You had time to stop and update your status? Can you not just focus on being WITH the person your with?

Being at a concert is one of the most amazing feelings. You are all there to share an experience. The mood is generally good and unifying. Yet here we are, all trying to tweet and email and share a picture with the outside world." Look at what I'm doing!!!"" Look at how much fun I'm having!" Now I'm not saying I don't do the same; because I do! I'm torn somewhere between the annoyed person(in the article) who doesn't have coverage; and the relieved person, who is 'free' to enjoy the moment without distraction.

Every year we go a week without electronics. We turn off all the screens and try to get back to basics. When the week is over, we are all happy and somehow calmer. We've had a great week. (even though we go into it kicking and screaming) Yet when the week is done, we are glad to get back to the cyber world and get connected once again. This is an aspect of our lives that is a constant struggle to balance. it's part of the 21st century and if you ignore it, you will get left behind. But if you jump in all the just might be lost! How does technology affect your life now, and how do you see it in the future??? Discuss!


  1. im with you...being some where in the middle of being annoied and relived. my hubby and i watched a documentary the other day, it was about the amish, it was so intresting seeing people still living so simple still...after watching it i half wished we could still do that now. they looked so peaceful, they enjoyed the work and helping each other was their first priority.
    anyways i love reading your blog. thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
    (have to cut it short..the dishes are calling)

  2. I love this post. I know my weaknesses thus I do not have a cell, Fb or twitter. I allow myself one form and that is blogging... Each has to figure out their own balance I guess. For me I value my relationships in life the most- that is where I take risks...I am not one to do extreme sports or sacrifice time for those things but I do sacrifice whatever it takes to be in the moment and give life to those I love.
    Sometimes it sucks being out of the loop but then I see my cousin texting constantly while she talks to me and I am relieved to not have that pressure:)

  3. You will love this:

  4. thanks! I checked it out and I DO love it!


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