Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm always getting behind

July 20th is...Fruit! I was going to take a picture of cherries but Sheila beet me to it because she is always on time! So I had to come up with something else. After using Alana Frere for my "energy" picture, her sister-in-law was a tad jealous. (just a little) I wanted to find someway to use her in one of my 'categories' too, but, couldn't seem to fit her into any. Sarcastic(as Alana suggested) was not an option. I jokingly tried to fit her into any category but that didn't work either. And then .....this just fell into my lap. This category was MADE for D! Those of you who know what a great lady this is, also know she is a little wacky. Enjoy this video to get a look at her doing her "fruit salad" dance to become the 5th WIGGLE in Calgary. She is a devoted mom of 3 and has more guts than I do. I don't know that I could audition for this contest with such gusto!!! enjoy my entry for FRUIT!!! ;)

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  1. bahaha!!! I love it!! And I voted for Deanne! Nice one!


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