Friday, July 22, 2011

The road

My husband bought a motorbike last summer. Or was it the summer before? Not quite sure. The reason I don't remember is that I haven't really ridden it a whole lot. He mostly just drives around town. I have been on a few of those rides. Very relaxing. this past spring we became close with another fellow rider who has been showing Brad the ropes and giving him tips. But more importantly they have been riding together. A few short trips here and there and then a few longer! Recently  the 3 of us and my daughter Olivia took a trip to Drumheller with the boys on their bikes. This was the longest ride that Olivia and I had ever been on. It was great!! (on the way there) On the way back I was freezing. Of course I do not have the proper attire for a motorcycle and when the temperature dipped, so did I! It was fun enough that I would do it again though! Here's on of my shots from "the road" (category for today) July 22!


  1. nice!! i remember taking a ride on the back of a bike through Morin Bridge and being so scared, prayed that if we crashed I would die instantly...a biker, I am not!

  2. Oh right! It's ON THE ROAD (Category)! LOL


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