Monday, October 17, 2011

what temperament are you?

check out this website! I am an ENFP personality. what type are you! I would love to hear. DO IT! It helps me to learn more about YOU!


  1. I am an INTP.
    Apparently I am a rare breed?

  2. apparently I'm a rare breed too! ;P

  3. I do this book ( keirsey's please understand me) with every woman's group. You can borrow his in depth book if you want;)
    In the 15 years I have retaken this test over and over and I always tie for two- the idealist healer and the idealist counselor. I find every sentence Of each pretty bang on. (infj,infp)
    Keirsey's has the best tests( I have several posts on him under temperaments on my blog because he is brilliant!) I find when women do this and read up on each other the peace, love and justice happen because of understanding.
    I am so excited u posted this. And your temp suits you!! Seriously I have three of the books cuz I lend them all the time. You are welcome anytime;)

  4. Thanks! I would love to borrow your books!!!! call me!


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