Thursday, January 19, 2012

The truest form of flattery

This blog was introduced to me yesterday. I love it already. The very first post I read was "the kind of woman I want to be" So inspiring and so like me! I decided I was going to copy and do the same. It is a list of sorts. I've done those. But this is different, in that, a list is: what is. This post is: what I wish to become.

The kind of woman I want to be:

I want to be the woman who is always relaxed and content with herself.
I want to move slowly through my day, enjoying what is.
I want to have at least a 15 minutes a day at the water.

I want to plant a garden and eat it! All of it!
I want to be the woman who still writes letters.

I want to be the friend you call when you need.
I want a ton of light in my house so it always feels full and alive.
I want to walk in the rain with nowhere to go.

I want to just live and not worry about my weight.
I want to love openly with lust.
I want to be independent and in control of my life's decisions.
I want to wear sexy boots and flowing blouses with my hair down and not get asked "How come you're so dressed up?"
I want to wear flirty skirts and flat shoes with my hair up.
I want to find something that I love to do and do it well. (still searching)
I want to smile daily and KNOW that I'm exactly where I should be.

I want to be, me! The REAL me!

 I suppose that's good for a start. One day at a time! I would love to see who you would like to be!


  1. I wanna make a list too!!! I love your list!! Especially the sexy boots and flirty skirts! You go, girl! xo

  2. Her blog is one of my favorites...amazing writing that never fails to inspire. Great list!

  3. thanks Mary. Loved the link from your page! :)


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