Thursday, February 2, 2012

two nights in a row

Last night before bed, I read THIS blog. It was just what I needed to hear.(read) I remarked that it was funny how just what you need, seems to pop into your life.Tonight I'm tired, feeling a little defeated. I'm listening to some music and checking out some blogs. Someone happened to post today that they quite often do not comment on comments. That is: REPLY to a comment already made. She wondered if we went back to see if there was a reply. I usually don't. I comment and leave it at that. The post I read last night was good. I really enjoyed it. So I DID go back and see if there were any comments left by the author. I was so glad I did. It made my night. She was full of compliments and it made me smile. I'm so grateful for that. I didn't think I had it in me tonight! ~ Just what I needed!~ thank you KMarie!

Still working on it!


  1. KMarie will ALWAYS reply back. She is so good with that. As opposed to myself, but we've already been through that. I am so glad you were encouraged.

  2. Aw- You are welcome. we all need to do what is truly right for our personalities I guess.:) It's in my code to give feedback when I can ...I think:) I still love all the blogs that do not comment back because I know my feedback is still being valued through the medium of reading...But as a person who needs a lot of affirmation....and words are my love language...I just need to give what is extra special for me to receive:) We all have different languages:)
    I love both yours and Krista's blogs...
    P.S. I was serious about your hair:) You are lovely.


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