Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting started and wondering if this is a good idea

So....I'm new at this and wondering if this is something I want to do. Blogs can be a little scary because a) you want people to read them but b)sometimes if you're being honest you can hurt people c)sometimes it's just TMI (too much information) d) sometimes I don't know what that is. A blog can be a good thing for me too because I am bored, I enjoy writing, getting some feedback on touchy subjects and most of all....if it's MY BLOG; then I'm always right,right? bahahahahaha Just kidding on the last part.(sort of) I am working on admitting when I am wrong. It happens occasionally!  I'm loving facebook and all it has to offer but sometimes there is more I want to say and don't feel I have the right to say it.There have been some great conversations on people's walls but sometimes you don't know who the people are except that they are a friend of someone you know. That's where it can get dicey. So if I have my own blog and people want to read and join in the conversation or make comments....then I guess I have a forum to be completely honest. You chose to visit the site....I didn't invade YOUR space.Right? Of course I'm right! LOL Ok I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes.


  1. LOVING your blog already!!! So true...there is just so many ways an innocent comment can offend on FB, let alone any form of debate etc...
    I love you and I love your honesty:)

  2. Yup! That's why I love you! Honesty is hard to find in a friend, and not all of those who have it appreciate it, but in the end it is what all of us need. Have fun and blog on!


I truly appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them!