Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My children are all at the age right now where they are trying to fit in and figure out where their place is. I wonder if I am qualified to answer? All I can do is be honest.When they come to me and say that someone 'doesn't like them', it breaks my heart. Really all I want to do is hurt the other kid. I know it's childish but it's just instinct. Who walks up to someone and says "I don't like you"? Especially at this age? Girls can be particularly mean at this elementary level. Some are forming the all familiar "gangs" and making fun of others. Some of the girls in the gang used to be friends with my son and are no longer 'allowed' to talk to him. This has crushed him in the worst way because he still really likes those girls and considered them good friends. How do you proceed from here? I know these girls and their parents. Talking to them does not seem to be the answer. I need to equip my son with his own tools for dealing with things like this. Unfortunately this will not be the last time a situation like this comes up. The good thing in this whole scenario is that my son is NOT afraid to talk to us. He has told both of his parents about the situation and made his feelings known. His feelings are hurt and he doesn't know what to do now. He even asked his dad if he thought he was "weird". Yikes! My son is 9 going on 10 next week and it scares to me to think of the others out there who cannot talk to their parents about these things. No wonder we have children killing themselves because they can't take the pressure anymore.Bullying has reached a whole new level and I'm not sure what the rules are anymore. Surely I cannot step in every time he has a problem and solve it for him but.........~ where is that line, that when crossed, forces my hand to do something other than encourage, explain, listen and give hugs? Parenting is one of the hardest jobs ever and even though my children are older and don't need constant attention and supervision, the problems are becoming more complex. I just hope I can keep up.


  1. You are doing a great job, I understand this ALL to well and I LOATHE bullying!!!!

  2. It's so great that you are talking about this, and that your kids can talk to you. I think that is the most important thing we can do - keep all lines open and let them know they can discuss anything. Kind of makes me miss the days when hurts could be fixed with a kiss and a spiderman bandaid!

  3. Great thoughts, your mom heart is true to wonderful!
    Oh my, really this post nearly made me cry.
    All our kids enjoy his visits and the 'clubhouse'!
    He sure has awesome ideas, and they thought it was great his birthday is the same as their Dads.


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