Monday, November 29, 2010

Checking things off my list left and right

What a wonderful time I had. I haven't sung in choir since graduation.I enjoy it immensely. This year I decided to just go for it and the experience was phenomenal. I'm hooked now. This all came about as I was having an Oprah moment and was searching deep to find what made me happy. Singing in large groups was one of them. so off I went and joined a choir. I even got to speak which I enjoy.

Next on my list is my audition for the local musical. They are doing "Guys and Dolls" and my audition is on Thursday. I'm sooooo nervous. But I am determined to do it because I was also very nervous about joining the choir; and that turned out fantastic. This has been a super exciting year so far and it's not over yet. Might have a few more things up my sleeve. They may not be exciting to you but they are huge accomplishments for me simply because of the fact that I tried. I may have turned 40 this year but I'm "not quite dead yet"! bahahahahahahahahaha ......and so on I go. Thanks to all my friends and family for the encouragement.


  1. I sang in choirs all the way through school and in the Charlotte Philharmonic, until I moved to Boston, and I truly miss it. One of these days, when the boys are a bit older, I will do it again. Good for you for getting out there and doing it!

  2. you are beyond glad you aren't letting it go to waste:)


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