Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hair cut and color

I LOVE getting my hair done. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I love getting my hair washed, brushed,styled ~ the whole nine yards. I love the conversation, the coffee, the laughs. And of course the end product is always good. My hair stylist is FABULOUS! I'm on my way today for such luxuries. I thought I would give you a before and after pic to show you just how great she is. Here I am ...BEFORE.....  
I will post the AFTER later!


  1. Can't believe how fast your hair grows!

  2. I like your hair like that. I thought it was done! You look naturally pretty.
    But I hear you! I usually get mine done every three months but I have waited until April because hubby is in school- it is making me crazy! I can't wait to make that change! I hope you love yours:)
    Do you like Michael Jackson? I love him- I haven't hear this mix- I love it - all the best songs from him.


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