Tuesday, January 25, 2011

so grouchy

some days are just grouchy days. can't snap out of it. Everything annoys me. i try to stay off of fb on these days because people and their statuses only add fuel to the fire. It's that time of the month and I get so grouchy for so many reasons. I resent the fact that men don't have ANYTHING like this in THEIR lives. It makes me tired, and to top it all off .....it sometimes just downright HURTS!.....ugh
Anyway.....I'm headed to the parent council meeting tonight to discuss the school's bullying policies. How we need to walk the walk if we are going to talk the talk. should be an interesting meeting. I'll keep you posted. I also am going to book club tonight too. I made a commitment and I AM going. Even if the meeting is long and I'm drained. When you say you are going to go somewhere...~ when you have RSVP'ed and said you will be there....then BE there. I'm finding the etiquette department is really lacking in this day and age.It's really quite annoying. No consideration is given to your host when you say you are coming and then don't show up. RUDE people!!!Ok that's my rant! Better get off here too before I put you all into the grouchy mood I'm in.

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  1. BAH HA HA I SOOOOO hoped you would address that VIA blog:)
    So glad you did!! Here's to a great evening, and you being glad you kept your commitments!


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