Thursday, January 27, 2011

no Christmas letters this year

Well........Here's my story. Every year I make a letter and take a family picture.  I KNOW it's going to be late every year so I just accept that and it takes off the stress. This year was no exception. We ordered our pictures just after New Years and waited. they didn't come for quite a while. We called ; and they said "if they don't arrive by Monday;you will need to re-order!" To tell you the truth I was kind of hoping they wouldn't arrive and then we just wouldn't re-order. BUT....they DID arrive. The pictures showed up 2 days before my big PJ party! Needless to say they were left UNtouched. As Monday was a complete write off ~ Tuesday showed it's ugly face and I started thinking....."maybe I just won't send them this year? It's gonna be February by the time everyone gets them. that's just not cool." I ran the idea past Brad and he agreed. Next year everyone will get TWO letters and TWO pictures! LOL Like it lump it....That is how we are gonna role this year! ;)

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