Wednesday, January 26, 2011

photo shop

Well quite a handful of my friends have jumped on the photography band wagon. While I LOVE a good photo and find it the most pleasing memory enhancer; I'm just not all that interested in all the hoopla. The pictures I take are good enough.What I know how to do WITH the pictures is enough. What I know, about how to assemble them, is enough   ~  until now.Technology is overlapping in so many ways that it's hard to side step it. After getting my hair cut today; I started thinking of all the different hairstyles that I have had. I wanted to blog about it and put a whole wack of pictures up.I'm stumped. I've tried a few things and my husband tried a few things but.....we are just not there. Fortunately for me my husband is taking a course starting tomorrow to learn such things. I just want to know how to get them on my blog in one block. I really have no desire to take a long course on the subject. It only interests me enough to get done what I need done. Is that wrong? Am I a knowledge snob? LOL Either way; I have spent far too much time gathering photos and now they all sit on my desktop waiting to be put in a nice little package. until then....this is all you get! ;)


  1. Brad will learn how to use photoshop in his course. I use Photoshop elements (its $700 cheaper) If you have either, I would be happy to show you....bandwagon humph. that's what happens when you have kids.

  2. I know...I want a DAY long event to get the basics!!!


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