Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Friends" are waiting

For Christmas ,from my darling husband, I received all the seasons of Friends on DVD. Right then and there i decided that I would play them on my computer as I worked out on our elliptical machine. I have been thinking of this EVERY DAY since December 26th!!!!! EVERY DAY people! I have yet to do it. I'm wondering if today is the day? I have had umpteen excuses and now.....I'm feeling ok, I don't have a whole lot on my agenda for the day....hmmmm....could this be the day? I'm not sure why I just can't kick myself in the ass and get going already. I have been reading so many books and watching so many programs on how to motivate yourself to lose weight and yet...~ nothing seems to be sticking. I think sometimes that I am supposed to be like this.I know it sounds crazy but, somehow I feel like I'm more approachable if I'm just a little chubby. Typing it even sounds ridiculous but yet the thought still lingers. It is important for me to BE approachable. I don't want anyone to ever think they are beneath me or less than me. I always want to be open to anyone approaching me. I KNOW in my head that this is still possible without my muffin top and Buddha belly but geeeeez............. It's just so hard. Well ~  I will let you know later this afternoon if today was the day. Send me good exercise vibes! 


  1. Today IS the day!! I am still running at 6am if you want me to give you a wake up call ;) I know you are gonna hate me for that one. I haven't noticed too much difference in my physical state, but mentally I feel better and it's been 10 days and this is the longest I have ever done something like this. You can do it!!


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