Wednesday, February 2, 2011

beautiful people

There are some people on fb that I never get tired of looking at. Their picture pops up on my news feed and I go "OH!" "niiiice!" and then I click on the picture and end up looking at all the pictures of them that they are tagged in. At first I felt guilty about this because it ended up being more males than females, seems to have grown to include both genders. Some people are just interesting to look at. I'm just sayin'! Of course I will NOT be including any names at this time! lol ;)


  1. I do that too!! But just because I love looking at people's pics! ;-)

  2. I confess... I'm a facebook creeper too

  3. ha ha, I know what you mean. Some people are crazy boring and other fascinating... and I don't really know why : )


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