Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day five...ummmmmmm

Well....It's 8:27 p.m. Even a half hour ago I thought perhaps I would still get on the elliptical . is just not going to happen today. I could give you all the details of my day and try to rationalize why I didn't make time to exercise but really; they are all just excuses. I'm not punishing myself. Tomorrow is another day. I DO give myself kudos for eating well today and attending a course on how to read labels and about portion control. I plan on going to bed early tonight and am taking many vitamins and lots of fluids. My daughter is sick and if I get plan is shot. In my mind I will be back to square one.  It's a beautiful night and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow too.Maybe I'll take the exercise OUTSIDE and go for a walk. That's the plan. I'll keep you posted. Exciting stuff isn't it???????? ;)

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