Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a day late

I said I would post yesterday but....I lied. It happens. Not often but.....what are ya gonna do?I have been trying to think of what to write and I have a few things in mind but I'm censoring myself. I really don't want to do that but.....I don't want to hurt people's feeling either. I mean, I have friends who read my blog and will know that I am talking about them or people they know. BUT....I said I would not censor myself anymore(or at least try not  to) so.........
Everyone who knows me; knows that I love spelling. GOOD spelling.I also like good grammar.If you have neither, you are still eligible to be my friend. I seriously will not hold it against you.I DO have many friends who are atrocious spellers. I realize some people who are typing all the time, make mistakes . Typos are one thing.....outright misuse of words and HUGE spelling errors(ie: the word is nowhere close to being right) are really not acceptable. I personally use Google Chrome and when I spell a word incorrectly; it underlines it. Yes, I too, make mistakes. sometimes the mistakes are quite funny. It's fun to point them out. What is annoying is people who get all 'up in arms' about the fact that you have corrected them. As if you have stripped them of all their self confidence they had left in them. Seriously people! Even better, is the person who defends the person being "picked on" or "attacked". ( this is how some view it). What is  most disheartening is the high school students. I have a few that are on my friends list, and their spelling is scary. I'm afraid for their futures. We own a business and quite often get resumes (don't know how to do the accents on here) from students who feel they are submitting a good application. It may be full of great references and job experience, but if it is full(and I mean FULL) of spelling errors and grammar's really hard to take seriously. I have a friend whose spelling is really really bad. I am forever pointing out her mistakes which are actually quite entertaining. What is more entertaining is her replies. She shoots it right back at me and includes a plethora of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that makes my head spin and my belly laugh. I firmly agree that if you are an adult and want to interact with other really should read over what you have typed before you hit the all powerful "send " or " enter " button. BUT if you choose not to, and are then called out for your mistakes ~ learn to laugh at yourself. Don't get all pissy because someone has pointed out your little faux pas. Typos are one thing but.....repeat offenders( you know who you are)....get a spell checker and do your homework. Sensitivity to your abilities to communicate in the English language properly are really not acceptable in my mind. Suck it up and join in the laughter. If you can't handle it .....then proof read. It's really that simple. I have a feeling I will get a few comments on this one, but......It's my blog; and I'm just sayin'!check this out for a laugh!!!!


  1. Typo correction... "their spelling is scary" - not "there." Sorry, had to do it for my sis-in-law!


  2. HAHA I love it!!! Good eye Deanne!!
    Well said Erin, WELL SAID:)

  3. English language is tricky for sure. I can say that because I had to learn it as my second language. I have made many mistakes and have been embarrassed countless times, but I can honestly say that I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for those friends who corrected me and helped me. So I am okay with people correcting me. I didn't know 'bling' was only singular until yesterday until my friend corrected me. I will occasionally speak in 'Engrish' especially if I get too excited. when I do, I LAUGH! I make fun of myself! I proofread my blog posts probably 20 times. :) Yes, I think it's important to be able to laugh at ourselves.

  4. I LOVE Engrish. I think I enjoy correcting everyone so much, BECAUSE it's funny. I LOVE puns, play on words,funny worded signs, and all kinds of puzzles using language. I always have. Ask Brad. I will quite often say something "punny" and then say..."get it? get it?" He rolls his eyes and says "yeeeeesssss....I get it!" LOL I crack myself up! bahahahahahahah

  5. I heart Deanne....
    I would be lost without spell check....And I secretly (okay, not so secretly) LOVE run-on sentances.

  6. I love WORDS! They are so powerful. I just hate to see them being abused sometimes!


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