Saturday, March 12, 2011

am i stuck?

I have been thinking about blogging every day. I have so many things I would like to talk about....but can't. The whole reason I started this blog was so I would have more freedom to write what I wanted. FB was just too constricting because I had too many friends who were more "acquaintances". But now I find myself in the same predicament. I KNOW some of the people following me and .....well......sometimes I want to talk about THEM! Sometimes it's a situation, but I know as soon as i start talking about it ; they will know I mean them! argh! it's a little frustrating. perhaps I should have started this blog anonymously. maybe I will start a NEW one? hey!!!! There's an idea! I'm going to seriously think about that!!!! I would say "I'll keep you posted"! , but I WON'T! bahahahahahahahaha anyway....I watched two movies last night. My husband is away and I seem to watch a lot of movies while he's gone. I have another on hold for today!  I also need to prime my daughter's closet so my husband can paint when he gets home. I am NOT a good painter so....I get the primer job and that's it! anyway......I'm going to think about that other blog.This will also be my last post that i will automatically publish to fb. I'm going to revoke that setting. so....if you want to keep reading this'll have to look me up. There will no longer be a link to follow on fb. ciao for now!


  1. Why the need to hide? If you're going to blog, you must know its open to anyone to read, which means you want people to read how you feel. Anyone can read blogs, no one is blocked from reading blogs so hiding people from facebook solves nothing. These blogs are completely separate from FB. Word of mouth alone can lead people to these blogs, which means ANYONE can read them, including the people you're blogging about. Perhaps a good old fashion, hand written diary would solve the issue of having to hide from the people you're so willing yet afraid to blog about.

  2. I realize that anyone can read my blog but.....I live in a small town. Chances are if I blog about a certain situation...people will know what i am talking about. there are some things I like to bitch about or seek another opinion about....but i still have to live here and look these people in the eye. They don't need to know everything. Starting another blog and not telling anyone I know about it....will solicit responses from people like you,"anonymous". I like that better for some of things I want to put out there. Are ya pickin up what i'm layin' down?....And "no"'s not you bahahaha


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