Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'm really starting to get fed up with fb. Too much interaction with people I don't know and people who don't know me AND people who THINK they know me. In some cases it's the only way I communicate with some people; so I can't really get rid of it altogether. In other way....i think....screw it!!! I have a different sense of humor. Those who know me well,  get it! Those who do not....Oh they have to run to the defense of the person and write a page long description of what a wonderful person they are and  yadda yadda...keep your head up...blah blah blah..... don't let people put you down.... wah wah wah. IT'S A JOKE!!!! Get a sense of humor you loser!!!!!!!!! Man this ticks me off. Of course I can't type THAT on the page or it makes ME look like the bad guy. So damn frustrating. i think it's time to take a break from fb! Really! Getting so complicated. I have disabled the function that publishes this post to fb automatically. I can guarantee that MORE than handful of people would know who I was  talking about right away.  argh!!!!! so pissy today!


  1. well said Erin! get a sense of HA HA people!!!!!

  2. Sorry, Erin . . . I don't know you THAT well but what I DO knnow about you is that you are an amazing lady . . . so giving, so kind, so funny, etc. People don't always understand my sense of humor either. So your story has a familiar feeling to me. :)


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