Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day one of my new job

Ok so it's not a real job. I'm not getting paid to do this but....I've decided to add this to my job description of a Stay at home mom. I've decided that every day I will sit down and blog as if it IS my job. Truthfully I would love a writing job. I think I write better under pressure. This is giving me a little purpose and direction that I have been lacking. I would like to have something published each day before the kids come home from school. This is my goal. Feel free to chastise me if I fall short of this promise. You , are my boss, after all.
So as I sit here listening to Adele( love her)........I write.

So what's going on in my life right now? I just returned from a trip to Toronto where I visited with 2 of my 3 brothers and a few cousins. I had a great time. I haven't seen them in YEARS and it was great to catch up. It wasn't a long trip. I left Thursday around noon and returned Tuesday evening. I shopped, and ate, and laughed, chatted, ate some more etc get the picture. i was really looking forward to this trip because i was doing it alone. No kids, no husband . I was craving something like that to give me a boost. I was dragging my ass in so many respects that i needed a change!!! Success. I really feel like I came back with new purpose, energy, motivation and direction.I had a lot of alone time to reflect and think about things.

Whenever I go away, I miss my kids.Sometimes when I have been away for a long time, I get very emotional on the plane ride home because I'm so excited to see them. Now I kind of hope my kids don't read this but....I  didn't really miss them this time. I was so busy concentrating on ME and my family, that has not been a part of my every day life that I had no real time to miss them. But I did miss my husband!! I talked to him a few times while I was away. I filled him in on what was going on with my family and what I was doing and how I was feeling. Each time I got off the phone I realized how much I missed him. I thought about this. I'm always analyzing.(it's really how I roll) In choosing your spouse, you are choosing a LIFE PARTNER. Someone to share your life with and the experiences in it! I wanted him there to experience this with me. You have children and when they are little, and dependent on you; they become your whole life. My kids are now 8(almost 9), 10 and 12. They, themselves are becoming more independent and subconsciously I guess I'm realizing that eventually they will be off living their own lives. What will remain. Me and my chosen LIFE PARTNER.This relationship often gets put on the back burner as children and life take over. Before I left we had decided to re-institute date night! I'm excited about this. I adore my husband but we have not made time for each other lately.  After our work of raising our children has reached a point where they are no longer home; there remains our relationship to pick up where it left off when there WAS just the two of us. I want that relationship to be strong and thriving. I don't feel we are in trouble at the moment but I want to nip this in the bud. Marriage is a living breathing entity that needs to be fed or it dies. Ours is not suffering but it definitely gets hungry once in a  I guess this trip was exactly what I needed.It's good to get away but even better to come home.


  1. Excellent Erin, I completely understand this...we seem to be at very similar places right now! I too feel the need to be proactive!

  2. bobbi has been sharing your blog entries on fb. being a bobbi fan, i have read them. i like. :o)

  3. I love that you are motivated!! Sounds like you needed Toronto. Good for you my friend! I LOVE the excited, positive, happy Erin. WHOOT!! xoxo

  4. I LOVE your new blog look - so colorful!!
    You are just so darn cute, Erin! I love the way you love your kids and husband. What a great thing to let your children grow up in a house with so much positive stuff going on in it.
    I'm SO glad that we have become friends. You and Brad are one of the best reasons to live in Three Hills! LOVE you! Looks like I will be having some extra time on my hands soon, so some good quality time is in order!


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