Wednesday, May 18, 2011

tougher than I thought

I really thought I could think of something to write every day. I'm sure if something was going on; I could keep you updated on it but, alas, I have nothing. We are going away for the long weekend to Great Falls Montana. This will be the longest road trip our children have ever taken. So perhaps when I get back I will have oodles to say. but for now, I am at a loss. I know I know! Some of you will say "NO! Not you!?!?!? You are never at a loss for words!" But I am. I have things to do and I could sit here and ramble but......that would not benefit anyone. Tomorrow is another day. If any of you have a topic you would like to discuss....feel free to send out your suggestions. for now.... I'm off to sort laundry and start packing for the weekend. Fun stuff!!!!! LOL

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