Tuesday, June 7, 2011

disappointment AGAIN

So I thought after last night's "sneak in under the wire" post; I would redeem myself today with a really fabulous one. Well.......It ain't gonna happen. I've been wanting to go to bed for the last hour but I feel compelled to complete my task of blogging EACH day. I volunteered to work a concession today at an arena. We sold hamburgers and fries and such. I showed up at 10:30 and left about 4:45. That was the longest day on my feet in a very long time. I'm so exhausted. I did have a good time. I worked with some good friends so it didn't seem that long. But my aching body is telling me otherwise. I'm not used to that kind of work and I feel 20 years older than I really am. So I am apologizing for this sucky post. It's a space filler and that's all. Oh well. sometimes these things happen. I'm ok with it; so you'll have to be ok with it too! :(  Here's a few pictures to entertain you while you listen to the wonderful music! LOL  NITE!

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  1. I have been popping and thought I'd say Hi. I know where you're coming from, had one of these days today in fact - sometimes the well kind of runs dry for a day or two. Great pics :)


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