Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm not talking about going to the spa, or shopping, or drinking wine. I mean REAL therapy. What do you think about it?I know about a half dozen people who are in therapy or have been in therapy in the past. That's personally. I'm sure there are more that have told me and I haven't retained it, but that's all that I can think of at this moment. It's a small number but with glowing recommendations. All of them have enjoyed it and  found it useful.I have always believed that talking makes things better. Sometimes nothing changes, but just actually talking about it out loud to someone else makes the load a little lighter. I've always been a talker. This will be shocking for some of you I'm sure! (haha) But I wonder sometimes if I would benefit from talking to someone who is experienced in this kind of business? Someone who would not only listen but offer suggestions and different insights. Someone who could make you dig a little deeper; after you were sure you had already revealed all! Someone who could explain to me why I ate almost an entire cheesecake today?!?!?! Seriously. There has to be something pretty messed up about that. Anyway......that's all I have. I know these last few posts have been lame(ish) but I'm still glad I did them. I'm following through with the whole "this is my job " I've abandoned the 2:00 time limit though. as long as I get one post out a day, I'm good with that! to you tomorrow! ~ later


  1. Therapy. I love therapy. There are only a handful of people I know who doN"T go. Only one has not benefited as it was not a good fit for the two people and she was not open to changing herself instead of others.
    I would recommend it in glowing terms. It changed my life. But I would say commit to at least 6 months. Those kind of changes take time and effort ( and tears.) I am determined to find a therapist at every stage of my life as I think it is like having a doctor yet more important because emotional/relational health is key to enjoying life. Plus it's like a trained mentor:)

  2. hmmmm.........very interesting way of putting it! I like that! I know a lot of people who could benefit from therapy! Me included. some people just never see the need. Don't know when to ask for help!


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