Monday, July 25, 2011


I love it!It doesn't need to be expensive. I have pieces that cost me $2! I mostly love rings. It is the most of what I own. I have all my jewelry together right now because I'm getting my closet ready for renovations. Taking a picture for the category of "bling" was not a difficult one. I knew what I was going to take a picture of right away!!! I do know that it has it's place. Sometimes I like to wear only my wedding ring and small white pearls. But some days I like to glam it up. Unusual pieces always catch my eye! My bling tastes change with my mood! Here's some of it! enjoy!


  1. We should go to one of my favorite little stores in Calgary called "Do-Dads". Fun little bling store!!

  2. My cousin used to work at Doodads...such cute stuff! Great pic, Erin!


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