Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trees July 26th

I must say I have taken trees for granted. Growing up in Northern Ontario, they were everywhere! I mean everywhere!!! Not like out here in the prairies where all the photogs flock to areas that are well populated with the biggest and best. I love them. The trees I mean! (the photogs too) I admire their strength. When I was little I used to hide under a blanket on the step when a storm was coming. I would bring everything I could find under that blanket to protect it from the storm. The trees never needed me. They stood strong and took whatever mother nature could throw at them. That's where I stopped thinking about them.They could take care of themselves.It's silly but....that's the way our relationship went....~  those trees and me! Still ....I have a respect for them.  I snapped a few pics while out for my walk today. Not the best pics but I remembered the category and snapped a few! Enjoy......I'm including a few because one is not enough! :)

weathering the storm

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