Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting more difficult!!!

The category for July 17th was Anticipation. I equate this with impatience. That's what it means to me. Unfortunately I am very impatient. I'm always living in "anticipation" of everything. How things will turn out with a friend going through some troubles, a trip that is on the horizon, when will my boys start getting along, when will I finally lose some weight and start loving my body, when when when.....????I am constantly reminding myself that  I need to Let go!I need to turn anticipation into a good word with excitement;instead of a bad one with all kinds of impatience! I have read this before in many spots but....when I saw THIS on pinterest.......it was the first time I actually considered getting a tattoo. So for me ....this is what I need to enter for July 17th in the category of "Anticipation"........


  1. We are kindred spirits my friend. That would make a cool tattoo! Good reminder

  2. You put words to my thoughts of this one when I pinned it, & a tattoo would be amazing!


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