Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jumping on the bandwagon

My friend Sheila is turning 50 this year. In a  couple of weeks actually. She has decided to take a picture each day for the month of July(her birth month and mine) to celebrate and remind herself of all the wonderfully good things in her life.I didn't realize that there was an actual list until today. so tomorrow I am getting on the bandwagon and am going to take pictures with her. Here is the list if you would like to join us. Leave a link to your pictures in with your comment! have fun. If you don't want to participate but just want to look.......That's ok too! Enjoy. Here is the list...
July 1- Me
July 2- Feet
July 3- Hands
July 4- Clouds
July 5- Breakfast
July 6- i read
July 7 - Technology
July 8 - Friendship
July 9 - Wrinkles
July 10- Childish things
July 11- Loved
July 12- Energy
July 13- Eyes
July 14- Pretty trash
July 15- Flowers
July 16- Sweet things
July 17- Anticipation
July 18- CELEBRATE!!  (my 50th Birthday!!)
July 19- Pink
July 20 - Fruit
July 21- Summertime
July 22- On the Road
July 23- Little One
July 24- Water
July 25- Bling
July 26 - Trees
July 27 - Words
July 28 - Goodbyes
July 29 - Leisure
July 30 - Comfort food
July 31- Bliss

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