Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pretty Trash

It came to me last night what I was going to photograph for today's challenge. I had a few other thoughts but they were not very nice! LOL;) (think about it) I like things to be pretty. I do not like plain old garbage bins (unless they are hidden or outside) I actually find quite often that I need to curb my spending when it comes to trash! LOL I love a cute bin! Here are a few of my non white, non boring, trash cans. ;)

July 14th .....pretty trash!


  1. Woot!! I wondered what you were going to come up with for this one!! Nice!

  2. I like this one!!!! Very creative!

  3. Very cute! Do you ever feel silly when getting ready for a blog pic like this? I sneak around my house so Hubs doesn't think I've lost it!


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