Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy anniversary to me and my man

14 years. It flew by really. 16 years together. When I was little I didn't dream of a wedding. I never really thought of the dress and the whole nine yards.My barbies never had a wedding; they were just always married. I never went to many weddings as a kid, but I always wanted to be some body's wife and some body's mother. Some thought that maybe I should aim higher. Be all you can be( not the army), but really this is what I wanted. I continue to live the dream. It's not always easy. 3 kids later we still experience all the ups and downs of trying to maintain balance in a 5 person household.
What will we do tomorrow to celebrate? Visit the new pizza place in town with our kids and talk about our wedding.The kids like to hear about it! Then I'll head off to my exercise class and the hubby will take the kids home.It's not glamorous, it's not New York, or even a night at a hotel but I'll take it. It's my life and I wouldn't trade it!Happy anniversary honey! Looking forward to many many more! Love you! xo


  1. Well snap! That brought a tear to my eye! Happy Anniversary dearest friends.

  2. Wonderful! Awesome!
    Happy Anniversary!! :D


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