Monday, August 22, 2011

What next?

So as the end of the summer draws near, I wonder what's next. I mean September has always been a beginning for me. What's next in my life. What can we do that's different? What can I do that's exciting and new. There are so many questions in the air.So many things I'm wondering about! So many feelings. This has definitely been a year of introspection for me. I'm so grateful for the unlikely new friends who have been helping me through this. It's good to have a few guides on the journey. Also helping someone else out on their journey can be very therapeutic! I don't have all the answers but I'm trying! Sometimes it's overwhelming. Blogging and getting everything out there has been helpful. I must say I'm enjoying the free time but still am craving the routine of day to day. School starts soon. My life will be back to "normal" as they say and we'll see where we end up. The future seems blurry...(for lack of a better word). Keeping the same song on this post as it still seems to fit. "It's a mad mad world!"
Thanks for reading. I appreciate your comments. They are helpful!

(p.s. I love when I check for spelling errors at the end and there aren't any!)  :) Ya I know I'm special!


  1. A scooter club? I am trusting you will be in Joseph? Pottery? Who knows! But I wish you only best on the next leg of your journey!

  2. COME ON WOMAN! I think you have a few answers, possible nexts: DO SHARE:)

  3. lol I have a few things i'm thinking of.....will keep you posted!

  4. Many of us share the same emotions, questions, fears and doubts that you may have. Change is good, but change is bad.
    My anxiety comes from the unknown about tomorrow. But the truth is, ID HATE TO KNOW. What if I was going to die? What if you.....
    I think Jesus set time up in such a way that only HE can be in all "time zones". Yesterday is His realm, we can't participate in yesterday save memories. Tomorrow is His realm, we can't get there to participate. TODAY is our realm, to live today, in the now trusting God to set the pace. We get to share today with God and our neighbours.
    I'm praying for you, with you. Enjoy life! Grab the bull by the balls and hang on! This is YOUR day!

  5. I think it's"grab the bull by the horns" but I will gladly take your advice! LOL Thank you!


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