Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I thought about on holidays

Two weeks away is a long time to reflect and notice.Here are a few things that I had time to think about....~

My dishes are NOT heavy and I like that.(the ones in the rental WERE)
Three Hills is VERY quiet.( I like that)
I do not like sisal on my feet.
I like my alone time and need to just make it happen, or it won't!
I miss my brother more than I realized.
I actually like Three Hills and the people in it.
I missed some people more than I care to admit. And I'm still too shy to tell them.
I am still deeply in love with the ocean.
Even though I complain about my walks, I still like them and I missed them.
I did not miss blow drying my hair.
Sometimes Americans have stupid names for their businesses.

Even though I love shoes; I could live in flip flops.
I enjoy having other people cook for me.
There is sooooooo much history that I don't have a clue about.
There is sooooooo much history that I do not care about.
I am more accepting of my body when I'm around strangers.
I spend a lot of time on my phone and social media. :(
I like nude sculptures. (who knew?)

Southern accents make some people sound stupid.
Southern accents on cute boys from Tennessee are not stupid but dreamy.
My children all tan very easily.
When you feel sexy, you feel alive.
People from the south are very friendly!
Clothes are a nuisance when it's hot!

My family makes me laugh. (this I already knew, just confirmed it)
My mother and I are more alike every day.

I don't mind getting up early,as long as I don't HAVE to!
Running and walking on the beach is easier on my body than pavement.(nicer scenery too)
My eyes turn more towards to older men than the younger ones.(nothing to do with MY age I'm sure! ;p)
I'm still changing and growing, even though I thought I knew who I was.
I want to do more things that scare me.(Life is too short not to)
Some people I did not miss at all and didn't even think about them. ( is that wrong?)
I like being tanned. It makes some many things look better! ;)
My husband needs to cook more often.(He's good at it)
Taking a family photo is harder than it looks.
I like the west coast more than the east coast.
I have way too many THINGS!
My husband enjoys a good butt.

My family is of the select few that I could spend 2 weeks with in close quarters.

There isn't always a tomorrow. So do it, say it, feel it, TODAY!( praying for you Jo!)
It's always good to come home!

Being near the water is really good for my soul!

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I have for now. Of course the thinking never stops. It's easier to do though when you have all day and the sound of the waves! Thanks for reading! ~


  1. I think this is my most favorite of your posts to date. What a great collection of thoughts about you! It really paints a picture of why so many included...really really really like you. You have such a sweet and fun soul, my friend! Thank you!

  2. I loved Tennessee. Such a diverse culture. You look gorgeous. I could relate to much of what you said. Insightful and honest. Whenever my cousins come to visit or I see them I feel incredibly sexy and this does change EVERYTHING. I have the most fun in one one week than I do in a year. I acquire confidence, I become more than I am, I feel safe so I try more things, and I never give a thought to that extra few pounds or zits, so I loose myself when I gain the perception of sexiness. I totally hear you. Those gals are constantly telling me how pretty I am and suddenly...I am. I love that. I wish I could hold onto it throughout the year. I felt the same way when I got home too. A mix:)

  3. <3 i was looking forward to this new post ever since you mentioned it yesterday afternoon. thank you for your positive outlook on life and the reminder to live it to the fullest!

  4. I agree with Sheila wholeheartedly, best post to date! Loved it, love you:)

  5. Sweet thoughts
    & with pictures that capture the joy.
    So beautiful, Love you!

  6. Thank you everyone! I'm feeling the love. this post definitely came from a different place!

  7. This was a really fun read! You sound like a fun person who loves her family and her tan. I love to be tan also, it changes everything doesn't it?


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