Friday, August 19, 2011

Scattered and unfocused

I can't seem to concentrate on anything. My mind is going constantly. I have a ton of ideas for  blogs but can't seem to keep focused on any one thing for longer than 5 minutes. I'm not sure what the problem is but I'm also not so sure I want it to go away. It's an old feeling and it reminds of younger days. Mind wandering, distracted, free, without obligations! Am I having a mid life crisis? It doesn't feel like a crisis. It feels good actually. It definitely makes me unproductive though. Not a whole lot going on around here. I suppose it will pass soon enough. Weird though. It's like summer is ending and I really don't want it to. I'm holding on to it for dear life. The carefree days of nothing to do. No agenda, no time restraints. Some days its frustrating but most days it's just plain fun! I feel like a "yes" man! lol I want to say yes all the time. Or "why not?" Soon it will be cold and the living is not so easy. I stopped to drop something off at a friends house yesterday and it turned into beer on the front lawn, pizza, more people and then more drinks. Missed yoga class(whoops) and came home late. You can't really do that in the winter and I really love to live like this. I'm trying to appreciate it for all it's worth! I'm not sure what it is about this year but I'm trying to practice what I preach. Seize the day, live life to the fullest, etc etc.!Is this a new me? Is this a new me, right now?Either way.....I'm enjoying it.

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