Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time crunch!

I've been in this spot before. Friends and their imminent departure looming over my head. Remembering back, I pulled away. Even if I was aware I was doing it, I didn't stop myself. I was afraid of being hurt. Hurt more than I already knew I would be.After discussing this at length with many.....and thinking of the memories created......I'm not doing that anymore! Life is too short. Pain comes to those who feel much. I'm not going to stop feeling so deeply to avoid the pain that I know someday will be sweet.Getting news ahead of time that someone is leaving is hard. Your automatic tendency is to pull back. Why invest? Why "waste" your time. Why? Because they were worth it in the first place and just because their path is diverging from yours, doesn't mean they won't cross again. Good friends are worth the time. They're worth the effort.  I'm all in! Until the day they're gone and then......? Who knows? Time will tell.

I have a few in my life who are not of the same thoughts. Wanting to put their time and energy into something that is current in their life. Immediate. I have even heard (won't mention who) someone in my family mention "that they don't see the point in continuing to do something, unless they see results!" I felt immediately sad. Just because you can't see the results, doesn't mean they aren't happening. Everything we do has an effect on someone. Often small but sometimes huge and lasting! Sometimes we are unaware of these 'results' until much later. Wouldn't it be an awful feeling to find out years later that someone was disappointed that you stopped doing "x"? They thought it was so wonderful and they got so much out of it! You stopped because you didn't see ...'results"? I don't know of anyone who can see into the future.Listen to your heart!

So with this feeling of "grabbing the bull by the balls"; I'm going to continue living my life to the fullest and not hold back from anyone.I'm stronger now than I ever was, and a the pain of saying good-bye is not going to stop me from loving today. I hope it doesn't stop you either!


  1. This post is full of wisdom, truth, and inspiration. My fav things! Thanks for the uplift today and nuggets to digest.


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