Monday, September 19, 2011

something different

So I bitch and complain. This blog is sort of my journal, and it's good for me to get things out. But today let's do something fun.I'm going to tell you some things about me and I would really like it if you would do the same. After I went to South Carolina, I did a similar post and got lot of feedback. goes....

1.  I would like to get "something" published one day.
2.  I'm really afraid of mice and rats
3.  It's hard to think of things I haven't mentioned before
4.   I like to answer questions( the harder the better) TWSS lol
5.   I love the water(may have mentioned that before)
6.   I like to host parties
7.   I don't like it when people say "Bless you"; unless I've sneezed
8.   I have not sang a solo since grade 7 but I want to do it again ( I think)
9.   I have eaten an entire cheesecake by myself (more than once)
10. Close talkers creep me out!
11.  I like saying the phrase "creep me out"
12.  Stinky breath is NOT an option (EVER)
13.  I only bit a girl once ( I was in grade 3 and she deserved it)
14.   I believe knowledge is power
15.   Girls should show more tasteful cleavage.(Just sayin')
16.   There is NOTHING right about sandals and black socks! NOTHING!
17.   I really want to take a week long trip someday BY MYSELF (ya I'm weird like that)
18.   Office supplies excite me( NOT like that)
19.   I sometimes feel like I'm not in control of my life
20.   I don't like melons( of any kind really)
21.   I still LOVE my tattoos!
22.   Inefficiency makes me really annoyed
23.   Sometimes being a girl makes me annoyed
24.   I don't think I'm doing a good job of raising unselfish kids
25.   High heel shoes make me feel sexy
26.   My family's singing makes me cry (in a good way)
27.   Winter is my least favorite season
28.   I ran away once when I was little and all I packed was pajamas (true story)
29.  29 is not as emotional as 39
30.   Seeing women trying to better themselves is very inspiring to me (class was packed tonight)
31.   The Bloggess is one of the funniest blogs I have ever read.
32.   Voice lessons are harder than I thought ( only had 2 lessons so far and I'm already finding it challenging)
33.   I really like polka dots. They make me happy
34.   I could eat pasta every day of the week and not get sick of it
35.   Piano music sends me somewhere else
36.  When someone cries for you; it feels heavenly
37.  My heart is capable of so much more than I thought possible
38.  I know some sign language and would like to learn more (it's beautiful to watch)
39.   Losing my memories is one of the scariest thoughts in the world to me
40.   Adele is one of my favorite singers....EVER!
41.  This has been one of the best years of my life and it's not over yet!

I'm only doing 41 'cause I have to draw the line somewhere. I'm 41 so that's where the list ends......for now! Send me a list of your own. would love to learn more about all of you! 


  1. another great post! I like these ones. Makes me feel like I'm peeking into your soul.

  2. 1. I would like to get a degree.
    2. I'm really afraid of the dark.
    3. I have never left North America.
    4. I like to listen.
    5. I love the water.
    6. I like surprises.
    7. I have a tough time keeping eye contact.
    8. My trumpet from grade 6 is now being played by our oldest Son.
    9. Mayan Haagen Dazs is divine.
    10. A statement that starts with "you'll never believe this!" Is intriguing.
    11. Skinny dipping!
    12. The good smells make Hugs more Fun.
    13. I was born with 3 Thumbs.
    14. I write a lot.
    15. I like using up toiletries.
    16. Barefoot is preferred, always.
    17. I now miss both the west coast & the east coast.
    18. Solo drives every week are rejuvenating.
    19. I like washing dishes by hand.
    20. My fear of bats is apparently laughable.
    21. I really like the Idea of a tattoo.
    22. Peaceful mornings are rare.
    23. I love my orange hair.
    24. I wanted many children, at one time.
    25. Boots are intriguing.
    26. When Daryl plays the piano & sings, it feels just as time stands still.
    27. Indian Summer is a missed season.
    28. Autumn is favorite time of the year.
    29. I moved away from home when I was 15.
    30. Seeing couples exchange knowing glances, little kisses or holding hands is the sweetest.
    31. I have too many blog posts that need to be published.
    32. I miss running.
    33. I really like the sound of ocean waves.
    34. Music brings it altogether.

  3. Thank you Alicia! Beautiful! 3 thumbs,eh? Also intriguing! ;)

  4. My fav was number 18:) Laughed out loud ...which has been tougher to do thanks...Perhaps I will think of my list and let you know...

  5. Haha, Too funny - I bit a girl once and she also deserved it: she was hogging the ski-doo (it was a snowsculpture in the playground during snow carnival days in Timmins) We were in grade 2. The spot I'd bit swelled up the size of an egg and turned purple - it was the one and only time I got sent to the principals office!
    Love your list.


    There you go:)


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