Sunday, October 16, 2011

Daily obsession

I think about the water daily.By water, I mean, large bodies of it. The ocean! I can hear the waves if I close my eyes and listen. I'm going to San Francisco soon and I'm most looking forward to being near the water. I will soak it in as much as I can. I would like to see the ocean every day. One day I may call it my home, but for now I dream.

I find it funny how my house changes in my dream too. I don't have the same colors. I have waaay less stuff. Everything is simple and clean. Uncluttered and open. I do love my house here but; it really is a house for here. When I move to the water it will need to be a different kind of home. I'm not sure why that is. I guess the water dictates it. To me anyway.....

This is what consumes me most days. It's a complete distraction. Hard to concentrate and focus on today. Living in the moment seems to have taken a back seat to my new obsession. It does not want to be ignored. It's like a fantasy that has the possibility of coming true. Who doesn't want to dream of that? And so on it goes...........

What do you dream of? Where would be your ideal place of living? What would your place look like? Or are you already there?

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  1. i read this other blog called 'a beach cottage - life by the sea' - i want to be in this woman's home. here is the link to her page - - i love it so much; i'm a bit obsessed with looking at all the photographs of her beach cottage that she shares with her husband, kids and fluffy ones. it's spare, open, airy, breezy, mostly white, lived in, cozy, squishy, casual, full of mason jars with single blooms and baskets sit filled with nautical rope, wood floors, hooks on the beadboard covered walls where market bags are at the ready - TOTALLY BEACH COTTAGE - like the furniture is chipped and the sofas and chairs and wrinkled with their slipcovers - like they need to live in a land where they can spill! and that's what i want as long as i'm close to my family here. if you read 'my list' (you know the list i'm talking about), you'll see that i call my home style 'urban cottage' - nerdy but true - that's what i want. and i will have it. it's the ultimate dream (oh and for me to lose a few lubs too) - but i gotta be happy in the moment too. have to be. otherwise, what's the point?! :)

    great post erin!


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