Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A new post

Christmas season is upon us. A skiff of snow so far but I AM starting to get into the spirit a little. I'm not sure what the trigger is that gets me there but lately it's been slow to arrive. I'm going to start decorating today. I guess I'm trying to force the issue a little. If it's around me, I'll feel it.

That's as far as I got with this post. I put up a wreath and two ornaments on the fireplace. TONS of decorating. LOL

Started listening to Christmas music tonight and I had to turn it off. I would rather listen to sappy love songs than Christmas music right now. WOW!  I will get there eventually but, apparently not tonight.

So far this post is taking 3 days to write. Not motivated at all. Last night we got a lot of snow. It's actually quite beautiful but I could do with a picture just as well. ;)  I must say it HAS put me into a Christmas mood and I am going to put up more decorations today. We're having a company for supper, so I will definitely decorate the table too.

Starting to get the tummy back that I lost this summer. BOOOOO! I don't want it back, thank you very much. It's hard in this small town in the winter. There's not even really anywhere to GO! In the summer when I was bored, I would hop on my bike and go. Keeping me out of the house is a good thing because that's when I snack. Easy access and boredom are two of my enemies when it comes to weight loss. I'm aware of that. Even if I could go walk around a mall, it would be better than staying in all day every day. But alas, that is an hour away. And with this snow? way. So on the agenda today is shoveling snow, getting groceries for supper tonight, elliptical, mopping the floor, vacuuming,decorating, all things keeping me busy.
they still fit but for how much longer?

And with that; I shall end and publish this scatterbrained post.Time to get busy! Thanks for checking in! ~later!
Some great Christmas songs on here too. So turn up your speakers and get into the Christmas spirit. Maybe then , it will rub off on me!? ;)


  1. i decorated our home for the holidays last night so that eth could wake up to the magic. it makes me cry. i love christmas so much. like, seriously, so much i am starting to get choked up writing this. i just love christmas. there is a feeling around this time of year like no other and it's funny how the magic seems to fade shortly afterwards. good thing we have ukrainian christmas and chinese new year to keep the magic going a little bit longer. don't'll feel it when you're good and ready...

  2. Hope you get in a Christmas mood soon, I love Michael Buble.


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