Tuesday, November 15, 2011

small changes~lots of patience

I'm not a patient person. I want change and I want it now. Demanding and stubborn, I am. Traits, sometimes seen as strong and at other times, seen as weak. Today I see them as weak and I'm trying to change that. One day at a time.

While twittering with friends, I suggested for them to be patient about change. It doesn't happen over night. Sometimes the change you seek happens much later but as a result of something you laid in place today and worked on for years. These thoughts coming from ME! Hmmmmmm......Looks like I am changing. Perhaps I am learning to adhere to that which I preach?

The anticipation of change can be exciting. The actual waiting can be really difficult. Today I choose to anticipate with excitement. My patience is high today and I'm going to run with it. (doesn't happen often)
Maybe it's because I know that it's happening; that change is actually occurring; that I feel a little patience washing over me? Maybe it's a little contentment in knowing that I'm 'getting my way'! Either way, it's a good feeling. I'm hoping it lasts for a while.

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  1. Sounds great! You are an amazing person and this is coming from someone who barely knows you...but I know you embrace the moment like when you dressed up funky on Halloween, or when you walk into the grocery store and strike up a conversation, or when you take a stand on your blog, or when you long for water but you live despite it's lack of presence on the prairie. I admire that strength, fortitude and insight....

    Oh and I love this song. Going to buy it on itunes:)


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