Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy Christmas

Such a busy time of year!!! Why do we try to cram so much into this one month? I read recently, about a family (the happiness project) who no longer send out year end/Christmas cards. Instead they have become Valentines. When I read this I thought "what a fantastic idea! I'm going to do that!" As Christmas draws nearer, I'm doubting my decision, but sticking to it. This first year will be hard because as the cards roll in for our family, so too, are people expecting one from us. I still may give a card or two as I give out gifts, but the form letter(detailing how we are doing) and picture that usually accompanies each one, will be missing. I'm ok with that. Christmas is becoming overwhelming to me and I'm glad to be rid of one expectation. And besides....... who doesn't love to get Valentines in the mail. Christmas cards you expect; but Valenitines???

I'm frustrated this morning too. I dropped the kids at school and upon noticing the beauty outside, decided to come home and get my camera. I drove around town taking pics of the beautiful trees covered in hoar frost. Very relaxing and I was feeling good about it. I came home to download said pictures, and the card reader is not recognizing the card! I'm beyond angry. I already kicked the computer, screamed at the top of my lungs and slapped the card down on the desk. I'm done now. My husband will fix it later. I'm just going to let it go................... So pictures later. (I hope)

I'm not done Christmas shopping, the real tree we got is dead already, it's cold, I'm getting my belly back,the laundry continues to pile up...................... and to top it all off, I'm tired of everyone complaining! bahahahahahahahahah  I guess that's where this all originated. So much complaining this time of year is bringing me down. Not just social media but face to face, too. People are disgruntled with what life is dishing out these days. I'm getting sucked in. I'm a firm believer that we reap what we sow. The more complaining you do, the more you solidify what it is you're complaining about. I just can't seem to get away from it though. I refuse to use the word 'hate' on my status or tweets. It just seems wrong at this time of year. Wrong at most times but Christmas especially. Such  strong connotations! Settle down people! Where's the love?

Well now that I've had my little hissy fit, I'm going to change the rest of my day! I will be the one to spread the love. I'm going to exercise with loud music. Have a shower and get all gussied up for lunch with my husband. I'll have a pedicure after that, and bring a Christmas present to my wonderful friend who fills me with hope and inspiration. Then I will approach the rest of my day with appreciation, and joy for the season! I will I will!
We'll see how it goes, but I'm gonna try! Ciao for now!


  1. Loved your hissy fit;) It's a great reminder and the mental picture is awesome!
    Oddly, I am not feeling the business so much this year, I think I am embracing it. Perhaps because I essentially had the last two years "off" first Whitehorse, then Cruise/Florida. I did not bake. I did not host actual Christmas...and hey, I am not hosting this year either, woot!
    I am baking though, YAY!!! and going to a cookie exchange, doing my cards late as usual...embracing THAT too;) haha work out, then getting my hair done...
    Dial it back to the point here you can enjoy it...and I cannot wait to receive my Valentine in the mail!

  2. I'm so sorry the busyness of the season has got you down! Make a list of the things you love about this time of year, only focus on doing the things you love - be okay with saying no to the rest. Ignore the haters. I've taken a year completely off of cards before, and although I missed it, it was the right decision at the time. I also get a Valentine's card from my cousin and her family every year, and I love it!

  3. Tracy- Bobbi's friendDecember 13, 2011 at 11:31 AM

    Loved your blog. Hissy fit and all! I am trying to approach this Christmas with love and appreciation of my friends and family. It's important that I got in my exercise, snuggling with our kittens- they bring such joy. If its the middle of the morning and I have a cinnamon candle lit, my mantle lights on and Christmas carols on replay that's okay! It all helps. This season has a beauty I don't want to miss this year by being needlessly busy. Want to hear something crazy??? The thing that has made me the happiest?? My youngest son has wrapped ALL the Christmas gifts except his own.... YAHOo... Lose your expectations and accept each day as it pronounces itself. Thank you.

  4. This is my favourite time of year...maybe you should read my blog! Ha ha:)
    But really, you are right to re think traditions that only bring stress. We never send out cards or anything...just a general email. Then anyone who comes to my door for a visit gets goodies and conversation. It's a savoury slow process that I LIVE for. Some years if I have extra money I keep a stash of generic pretty little ornaments to give to whomever visits me. Unfortunately I could not do it this year but I figure who cares. Every year changes with it's possibilities.
    I admire your Valentines Idea. I could not do that either.
    I don't do baking either...I just buy pre made stuff:)
    On thursday afternoon I would love to have you over and lend you that book. I know it's busy season though, so just email me at acquiringbalance@gmail.com
    Also, there is a lady doctor with 4 appointments available this week for women's exams. All my friends have gotten appointments and I figured why not let you know? It is so much better not dealing with all our male doctors for the yearly health exam. Just phone the receptionist and ask for an appointment with Dr. Lee...Take care of yourself this season!
    Hope your pictures turn out!

  5. Great post - love your honesty. I'm ahead of the game this year, it feels good, but most years I'm only just getting going. How sweet that Tracy's son wrapped all the gifts - that's a great gift in and of itself :)


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