Monday, December 19, 2011

something light

No deep and heavy conversation here this morning. A nice light post. I've been thinking about hair lately.

I love my long hair. I've had MANY styles over the years. Very short, partly shaved, permed, bobbed, different colors, etc etc. I've never been afraid to try new things with my hair. I have finally reached a place in my life though, where I like my hair, and have no intention of changing it. I like it long. I like being a brunette. It is my natural hair color after all. I still have a lot of variety with it because I can straighten it, curl it, put it up, blow it dry, let it dry naturally with curling product in it, etc. Not the same do every day.

I'm not saying that long hair is the best. I do have some friends who really ROCK the short hair. Terra-lee(G), Krista(E) and Lisa(E) to name a few. One thing that makes me a little sad, is those who have long hair and then cut it after a certain age. They tout excuses like, "I'm too old for long hair" "It takes too much time to take care of"! Really? Or "coloring takes too long!" Really? then don't color it. Let it go grey. I have seen so many beautiful women with long grey hair. At some point that is going to be me. I suppose for some it's a lot of work, but.....if you love your long hair, please don't cut it because you feel you have to. If anything, I think long hair keeps you looking younger. Unless you're one of those natural beauties who can basically be bald and still look good! UGH That is definitely NOT me!

How do you think your style will change over the years? As you head into your 50's, 60's, and 70's?
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  1. I see no change in the future, I will continue as I have been for the last 10 years....grow it out long...chop it all off....grow it out long....chop it all off....Unfortunately right now I am in the most awkward of growing out stages. Bleh!

  2. I did that for years too! it was fun while it lasted.You can pull off any style you choose! you are beautiful!

  3. I love my long hair, but I'm getting a little sick of it just being...well...long. Might be time for a change. Not sure.

  4. I have pondered these same things...why must we hack it up, perm it and die it this an old lady rule!?! going to rebel. Also I want your hair!

  5. When I got married 21 years ago, I got my hair tidied up. It was mid back length on the Day. I've always liked long hair, which really didn't go over well in Redneck Alberta when I lived there.
    I think guys are different, hair is just...well, hair. It's up there or it isnt. I sometimes wish it wasn't grey around the edges. Grey is such a non-feature, I find it drab. Grey mood, Grey day, Grey primer...
    If I think of my Grey as Arctic Blonde, Its a easier to accept.
    Hair for guys isn't just UP there either...I hear tell that it migrates. Not keen on THAT eventuality. Wax? Laser? Torch?

  6. I honestly have to say after having a variety of hair style, I finally found one I really like....and it short. Even with short hair I can style it different way. Most likely at some point in my life I will grow it out again but for now I am content :)


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