Friday, January 13, 2012

girl time

Third annual Pajama party is upon us. Tomorrow night at this time, it will be in full swing. Music playing, glasses clinking, loads of laughter, noshing, and dancing. it WILL be a great time.

I read an article years ago, about how women NEED to socialize with other women. They need that bond. They need that interaction with others who know, and have experienced. I've noticed how important this is in my life and have made it happen. I wasn't the best friend as a teen, but I've grown, and have come to realize how important my girlfriends are to me! I treasure them.

I've had a few ladies recently(today even) tell me that I'm brave for throwing this party.Strong for inviting so many different women from different walks of life. That's never even crossed my mind. These are all women I am proud to call, friend! We are not children and there has never been anything negative at these parties. Everyone relaxed and in their jammies, drinks and food aplenty. Seriously what could be better?

IF I ever move away, I would like to continue my traditional party and see how many travel to make it.
Well I know I won't be getting much sleep tomorrow night, so I had better get some tonight. I'm sure there will be a great post AFTER the party! Later~!
I love a good party!!!! :)

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