Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the power of music

I grew up on Much Music. I was glued to the tv most times I was at home. Most kids my age were. It was all so new and exciting. We talked about the latest videos at school. We watched them "together' even if we weren't in the same house or town. We talked on the phone and watched the same channel. It was a part of our culture. It still is.(part of our culture I mean) Music and videos still affect me deeply. I'm not in the habit of watching them now, but when I do, I start to get drawn back into the whole video world. You really can escape there for hours. I did as a kid and I learned recently that it's still possible at my age.

I remember watching Prince videos over and over again. Memorizing the words, the moves. My friends and I would practice copying the video from beginning to end. Such geeks!

I often wonder what is the ingredient that attracts us to see music come alive. Mini movies that make our emotions rise. Stories brought to life with a few minutes of lyrics and melody.They stick with us through time. Our favorites are locked in. There have been a few that have been catching my attention lately.

Do you have a favorite? 

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