Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Why is today so hard for me? Why can't I focus? I'm forever looking for what is ahead. The future. The plans yet to be made.I'm bombarded daily with "seize the day","appreciate what you have", etc etc. Well I want something different. What happens when all the sayings and cliches converge? What about "never settle for less than you're worth", "strive for more", "live your highest and best self"! So many rules. I'm supposed to be striving for more but always focusing on the here and now. Never looking too far into the future. That is so frickin' difficult for me!!! It's driving me bonkers. Perhaps I need to see a life coach to give me some pointers on how to accomplish that?

In the mean time, I fight with myself. It's not pretty. I'm pretty strong and well, it can be quite the battle sometimes.

In an effort to distract, I'm throwing my third annual PJ party this weekend. It will be fun (as it usually is) and it's gonna be great to see some women I haven't seen in a long time. Time with my girlfriends is so important and I'm going to soak it in!
What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. Not, "what do you have planned for the weekend?"
    "What do you have planned for TODAY!?"


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