Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love language

Valentine's Day has come and gone for another year. I have never analyzed the day as much as I have this year. I've always loved the day. Sure we have the entire year to show our love. Many do.(show their love, I mean) Some need the day. Others could care less. None of them are wrong.

All of our love languages are different. What you need is not necessarily what I need. Hopefully your love language is the same or complimentary to the ones you're with. And I say oneS, because this day is not just for the lovers, but for all of those you love.


I know of a couple who donated blood together. I know of another couple who ignored it altogether. I know of another couple who decided against gifts,due to lack of money. He broke the pact and purchased a gift for her anyway. HIS love language. I know of a mom who left treat bags out for her kids in the morning. I know of another who incorporated red and hearts into every meal throughout the day, including the beverages! (she ROCKS) I know of another couple who celebrated in grand style. Singing throughout the day, straightening his wife's hair, dinner and music. All followed by a passionate night, no doubt. *wink wink*

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frittatas and toast

While these days are all different, they are all wonderfully accepted. We all have different needs and expectations and as long as yours are being met, there shouldn't be a problem. The only problem I have is, with the negativeness that some bring. It's a day of love. How can anything be wrong with that? We should actually have more days like that. If you think it's a big commercial holiday, then don't buy anything. Show your love in other ways. If you don't want to recognize it, that's fine. But there is no need to bash it. No need to throw our your negative comments. Is this an attempt to tell others how foolish they are being. An attempt to show that you are above all of this? I realize some are affected by the pressure of it all. But it's so easy to show love, that I sometimes think that it's a cop out to call it a commercial holiday, and that's why you're not participating. Your loved ones are worth more than that. Cut out a heart and write "I love you" on it. Home made Valentines have always been the BEST! At least they are, with me.

I have to admit that a few of the 'nay sayers' were getting me down yesterday. I was starting to fall into the "this is a fake holiday" mood.  I'm glad to say that the love won out and it was palpable throughout the night as   all the 'social media outlets', filled me in on the days events for others. We need more love in this world. If one day a year is devoted entirely to this, then I am a fan. I will do better next year. In my defense, I WAS busy with trying to get out my Valentine letter (ex-Christmas letter), and we just got home from California a couple of days before the day. There is always next year. Always.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the day and what you did. Leave a comment, would ya? If you have the time, watch the video at the bottom of the page! Have a love filled day! :)


  1. Wonderful post as always:) The Hubs and I had a very special date at The Blue Pear on Sunday night to take away the pressure of a work day from our Valentine's Day celebration, which was planned WEEKS in advance. Relaxing and lovely. Yesterday was about the love I would waking up to gifts, making a special supper...and then at the end of it all, homemade cards from the kids and a plant and the written word from my man. Perfect.

  2. you finally got your written word??? Awesome!

  3. Love endures. Thank you for piecing this all together. It's such a celebration.
    I had a love filled day & was patiently waiting to see how this Valentines 'season' would finish. In the morning I explained to Kai that he would not be the only Casanova in the school. & the evening ended with being truly thankful for an outpouring of Love.

  4. Spent my V-day a few thousand miles away from my beloved...but - I arranged a singing valentine to him at the Honey House (Golden Acres). The guys went out there to sing to him and the woman that is at the front desk came back to the packing area and said, "Hey Dan, there are 4 gay guys that are asking for you out here". Daryl enjoyed hearing that!! Musta been the creamsicle colored suits :)

  5. bahahahahahaha that's awesome! yes they sang for me too and they were amazing!


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