Friday, March 2, 2012

It needs more time

I have a post. It's still in my brain. well actually a little of it spilled over onto some paper, but most of it is still in my brain. I'm not quite ready to start writing it on the computer yet. It's a work in progress. I probably shouldn't say anything, because saying so, just makes it sound like it's going to be epic! I don't know that it won't be, but, I wouldn't want to set it up to fail. ;P

It's been lurking in my brain for some time. Tonight I felt compelled to write some of it down. Not that I would forget, but, more of an organization of thoughts.

I'm writing THIS post but I just can't seem to bring myself to start the other. You know when it's going to take a lot of concentration, and you know you just can't muster enough of it? That's how I'm feeling. But I felt I should write something because it's been quite a while. I guess I also wanted to say "hello" and I'm still here.

I know I'm not obligated to write. My writing is more for me. than anyone else. But for my own satisfaction, I had to post something. So this is what you get. An explanation! Exciting, I know! It WILL get better! 


I truly appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them!